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Beard Oil Travel Set by The Bearded Bastard


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Inspired by WWII-era standard issue U.S. Army tins, the new Beard Oil Travel Pack is the perfect rugged travel companion for keeping your beard looking healthy and smelling good in the field. Whether you’re new to The Bearded Bastard and looking to sample our beard oil, or a longtime fan in need of a pocket-size grooming kit, this travel pack will go wherever you do.

Beard Oil Travel Pack Includes:

  • Woodsman™ Beard Oil Sample (1 dram)
  • Barbershop Beard Oil Sample (1 dram)
  • Morocco Beard Oil Sample (1 dram)
  • Barista Beard Oil or Opium Den Beard Oil Sample (1 dram)
  • Engraved Reusable Travel Tin

18 ML Net

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