Ben Bernanke – The Man Who Saved Global Economy Plus How to Achieve His Classy Beard

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Ben Bernanke is arguably one of the most familiar faces in American society.

This highly influential economist rose to public prominence after being nominated as the 14th Chairman of The Federal Reserve by President George W Bush in 2005.

He served two terms in this capacity. Prior to his tenure at the Federal Reserve, Bernanke served as the Chairman of the U.S President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Bernanke’s tenure at the Federal Reserve coincided with the financial crisis of 2008 which led to the near-collapse of the global economy.

The fiscal policies which he set in motion remain to be a subject of interest for many observers and academics nearly four years since his retirement.

Early Life, Career, and Notable Achievements

Early Life, Career, and Notable Achievements

Photo from: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Even as a child, Bernanke showed a strong affinity for learning. His precocious nature led him to teach himself calculus in high school since the school did not offer calculus at that time.

Bernanke managed to score an astonishing 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and was designated a National Merit Scholar.

As a high achieving student, he got accepted into Harvard where he graduated before progressing to MIT to pursue a doctorate.

After completing his Ph.D. Bernanke lectured at Stanford and Princeton University until he officially left his position to join public service.

When speaking about the motive of his move to public service, Bernanke remarked, “I got into Economics because I wanted to make things better for the average person.”

In his capacity as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Bernanke enacted highly experimental fiscal policies to stimulate the US economy after the banking crisis in 2008.

Under his leadership, the Federal Reserve lowered benchmark rates to zero thereby allowing banks to give low-interest loans to consumers and business.

He also instated quantitive easing measures to increase overall monetary supply in the economy. Through these drastic programs, Bernanke’s Fed saved the US economy from further deterioration.

Although his tenure was mired with backlash from all sides of the political divide, Bernanke has always insisted he did what was best for the troubled economy at the time.

During the final years of his second term, the economy had already started showing signs of recovery. Bernanke’s achievements made him the single most important person in the US economy over the past 50 years.

He was even feted as a person of the year in 2009 by TIME magazine.

Ben Bernanke’s Renowned Beard Style

Ben Bernanke has come to be known for his fantastic beard as much as his fiscal policies. He sports a full grey-white beard which exudes confidence and maturity.

While Bernanke’s beard has become significantly gray, this 64-year-old economist still looks dashing enough to attract looks of wonderment.

Ben Bernanke's Renowned Beard Style

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Bernanke’s style is very reminiscent of the college-professor type coming across as well-groomed without being overly meticulous.

Along with his great looking beard, Bernanke also has a natural low beard neckline, which adds more wild and eccentric to his style since his beard extends far down his neckline.

Growing a Beard like Ben Bernanke

In order for you to have a beard like Bernanke, you must grow a thick facial hair to cover your cheeks, chin and down your neck.

For this to happen, your testosterone levels need to be as high as possible.

You can stimulate the production of testosterone in your body by engaging in cardiovascular exercises such as jogging and push-ups.

In addition to this, you should take the appropriate dietary measures to help stimulate the production of hormones, so you can grow that thick beard.

Some of the recommended foods for improved beard growth include cod liver oil, fish, spinach, cashew nuts and ground nuts.

Growing a Beard like Ben Bernanke

You should also get a good night’s sleep every night (preferably 7-8 hours) as this will allow your body to recharge and stay healthy.

Lack of sleep may interfere with your body’s metabolic processes and affect the production of testosterone.

There are many beard supplements on the market which can be used to boost beard growth but doing it the natural way is always the best option.

Apart from this, you need to make sure that the hair follicles on your face are healthy in order to keep your face smooth and prevent pimples and ingrown hairs from appearing. You can do this by performing regular facial scrubs on your face.

Achieving an optimal beard length should take between 5-7 weeks although this may vary slightly between different individuals.

Styling and Grooming Tips

Ben Bernanke’s beard is gaining popularity as one of the best beard styles in 2018. Grooming your beard like Bernanke requires a great deal of patience and fortitude.

Nevertheless, having the right tools to get the job done will make the process of trimming your beard smoother and more enjoyable.

All you need to trim and shape your beard like Bernanke is a pair of scissors, beard comb, beard trimmer, beard shaping tool, mirror and beard oil.

Styling and Grooming Tips

First of all, you need to get a measure of the distance between your forehead, cheekbone, and jawline.

Understanding these measurements will give you an idea of your facial structure and shape, thereby allowing you to trim your Bernanke beard according to your features.

If you have a round face type like Ben Bernanke, you can trim off your beard and sideburns to a medium size. Oblong, rectangular and triangular face types typically look narrower so you need to grow your sideburns thicker to make your face appear wider.

Use a beard shaping tool to shape your beard into the desired cut. Bernanke normally does a curve cut, so you should also shape your beard likewise for a great look.

Pay special attention to your neckline by placing the index and middle fingers above your Adam’s apple to find your neckline.

Sideburns are also important when it comes to the Bernanke beard. Blend your sideburns with the hair on your head to make them look like they effortlessly disappear at the back of your ears.

You can also use a pair of beard scissors to trim your mustache to cover your upper lip. This will help you achieve the Bernanke look.

Finally, remember to use beard oil to moisturize your facial hair as this will keep it healthy and prevent beard itching.

Although Bernanke has retired from public service, he has left a lasting impression in our minds due to his acumen as an economist as well as his glorious mane.

You too can achieve a beard like Bernanke’s with a little patience, diligence, and the grooming items.

If you have been admiring Ben Bernanke’s beard for a while, now is the time for you to grow one yourself.

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